Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Will Hoge "Strong" Single Review

     If you've watched TV in the past month, I'm sure you've seen the new "Strong" ad campaign by Chevrolet, promoting the new Silverado.  If you watched the CMA Fest on ABC, you probably noted it was the most country part of the show.  So, what's up with this song?  It's the new single from singer-songwriter Will Hoge, and its a great tune.

     Chevrolet must have been paying attention to the positive reaction to the "God Made A Farmer" ad campaign by Dodge, and decided to make their own rural themed commercial series.  The big 3 have been marketing trucks and country music together for years now.  The spike in truck songs goes hand in hand with the strong sales of trucks over the past decade.  The truth of the matter is, most of the people buying these trucks live in suburbs and are completely removed from the rural lifestyle portrayed by the ads.  But, that's besides the point.

     It's funny that this song is used with a truck ad, because it is the complete opposite of the life that the truck songs portray.  Most of them include beer, partying, girls, and raising hell all night long.  This song focuses on a family man, with strong morals and values.  Somebody you can trust.  The strong man that this song paints a picture of couldn't party all night in a field.  He has two kids to put to bed and a 5 am shift in the morning.  This is the kind of song we need. There isn't much of a story, and it can be cliche, but it gives us an image of a man with values, not the party all night guys of radio.

      Of course, the sound of the song is killer.  It has a great melody with strong country instrumentation.  The verses and chorus are catchy and easy to get into.  The song never gets too big or too loud.  It stays at a nice, level sound that doesn't get out of hand.  Will sings with a soft undertone through most of the song, and then really belts out the third verse and chorus.  All in all, its a great song.

     Will Hoge is a talented songwriter with tons of great material under his belt.  He wrote the monster hit "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" that the Eli Young Band took to number 1.  His catalog is full of great, heartfelt songs.  The fact that this guy isn't a big star is criminal.  But, with the strength of writing a CMA and ACM nominated number 1 hit, and a huge national ad campaign, we may see Will Hoge in the spotlight more and more, and country music will be better for it.

"Strong" music video

"Strong" Chevrolet Commercial

"Strong" Extended Chevrolet Commercial

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