Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keith Urban "Cop Car" Single Review

     Keith Urban has released the third single from his album Fuse.  "Cop Car"" is the selection, and it is already climbing the charts quickly.  Keith has played it safe of late, releasing songs that aren't bad but don't really have that "wow"" factor either.  That being said, "We Were Us" with Miranda Lambert was one of his best singles in years, and "Cop Car" is even better.

     "Cop Car" features an interesting story and moody arrangement.  The song progresses through a young couple who are caught trespassing on a date and are subsequently arrested.  While it appears to be an egregious violation of rights, the end result is the narrator falling in love in the back of the cop car.  It is certainly an interesting story and original concept.  I always trash the cookie cutter music we hear, so I feel the need to go out of my way to commend Keith for telling a story and making it unique and fresh.  He doesn't say beer, blue jeans, cutoffs, truck, or call his girl "girl" one single time in this song.  Is that even possible on Music Row these days?

     Production wise, this song is solid, but has a few hiccups.  The moody guitar is perfect for the theme of the song, and like always, Keith plays the crap out of the solo.  Whether you are Keith's biggest fan, or can't stand the guy, no one can deny his prowess on the guitar.  The production is light and not overpowering, which is good.  It lets the lyrics and melody drive the song, not some beats and rhythms.  Speaking of beats and rhythms, here you find my biggest complaint in this song.  Keith was apparently obsessed with drum machines when he recorded Fuse, and nearly every song has them on it.  The muffled electric drum sound just doesn't work in country music.  It doesn't sound natural at all, and seems like a cheap ploy to get the pop crowd to buy in.  It isn't enough to ruin the song, but it takes away from it.  Keith should lose the machine for his next record.

     "Cop Car" probably won't win song of the year or break any records, but its a really good song in a genre that is hurting for really good songs in the mainstream. The storytelling aspect of country music has always been my favorite, and here Keith tells an interesting story that happens to be set to a catchy melody as well.  "Cop Car" is a solid single in my book, and should do pretty well.  Check out the full Fuse album review here.

"Cop Car" music video

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