Monday, August 12, 2013

Luke Bryan "That's My Kind Of Night" Single Review

     Luke Bryan's new album Crash My Party is set to hit stores this week.  The album has already produced one hit single with the title track, and Luke recently released "That's My Kind Of Night" as the second single.  "Crash My Party" was a decent tune, using a little bit more emotion than we are used to hearing from recent Luke Bryan singles.  But all the good Luke did with that song has gone right out the window with this release.

     "That's My Kind of Night" is the new front runner for Keep It Country Kids' worst song of 2013.  This hot mess of a track is simply worthless and Luke should be ashamed.  The song starts out with a recycled 80's hair band beat with obnoxious "uh uhs" from Luke.  Yeah, its that kind of song.  The verses than go into some hip-hop rap wannabe garbage about trucks and backroads and girls in cutoffs.  Yawn.  This theme is beyond tired, but Luke just keeps bringing it.  This isn't just beating a dead horse.  The horse has been buried and decaying for years and yet Luke is right there with a club ready for another swing.  

     The worst part of this song is that Luke takes it so seriously.  The suits in Nashville have convinced him that he is country music's next big thing, and God's gift to women.  I don't know about you, but Luke was much more likeable with his aw shucks attitude he displayed early in his career, rather than this pompous one he displays now.  I'm sure Luke is a decent guy, but he has seriously lost his way.

     I've heard rumblings that Luke may do a remix with T-Pain on this track, which is appropriate because he name drops the rapper along side of Conway Twitty in one of the mindless verses.  This shouldn't surprise anyone, as country continues to erode away at its core values by taking a submissive role.  Mainstream rap has gone from songs about struggle and hard life to bragging and mindless dribble.  Mainstream country is following suit, so the hick-hop craze should be no surprise.

   All in all, Luke takes a decent sing along melody in the chorus, and destroys it with hip hop verses and completely mindless, disposable lyrics.  It's a shame that a guy with such a great voice is wasting his talent on drivel like this to appease to a crowd that will forget all about him the moment the next hot guy comes along.  Maybe when that demographic moves along, Luke will find his way back to real country music.  Until then, we have to put up with this.  Keep it country, Luke!!!!

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  1. Immediate thought the first time I heard "That's My Kind of Night" was that he had outbid 2009 Miley Cyrus for the rights to the song...