Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sarah Gayle Meech "One Good Thing" Album Review

      If you happen to hit Lower Broadway in Nashville, chances are you will have a chance to see a Sarah Gayle Meech show.  Sarah is a pretty big deal around the Nashville HonkyTonk scene right now, and she now has her debut album available, One Good Thing.  How does this debut hold up?

     One thing.  Buy. This Now.  Seriously, this is one hell of an album.  Sarah wrote all 12 tracks on the album, and pours emotion and realism into every song.  This ain't a Taylor Swift pop album.  Shoot, it ain't even a country-rock Miranda Lambert album.  This is a modern day Loretta Lynn or Tammy Wynette album, full of solid country gold.  It starts off getting right into the twang with "One Good Thing", a honky tonker claiming that "the one good thing about a heartache is a sad old song". Amen sister.

     The album only gets better. "Old White Boots", "All I Wants A Honky Tonk", and the closer "Honey Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" are all solid country rockabilly numbers.  They sound like they could have been recorded in 1965 by Tammy or Loretta, but here they are in the modern day.  "Sad and Lonely" features the always enjoyable Waylon Jennings style backbeat and vocal delivery style, which fits Sarah's voice perfectly.  In fact, Sarah's deep growling voice is perfect for all these songs, she commands your attention and keeps the songs driving.  The production is perfect as well, Andy Gibson puts just the right amount of steel and fiddle to bring the music to life.
     This album isn't all toe-tappers.  "Unlucky in Love", "Movin' On Song", and (my favorite) "Foolish" are emotional weepers that Sarah works every tear out of.  "Foolish" in particular, is a fantastic song.  If is the most laid back of the album, and really hits home.  You can hear the honesty and truth in her voice, especially when she falls off the lines, almost like it hits too hard to sing them through.  This track is radio ready and could be a big hit today if Nashville could get their head on straight.

     Sarah's live show is fantastic as well.  I had the privilege of seeing her live at Robert's Western World in December of this past year.  She was engaging, lively, and a hell of a lot of fun.  She took requests and chatted with the audience.  I actually bought my album directly from her, which in today's world of country stars being so disconnected from their audience, is so refreshing,  She thanked me and gave me a big smile.  She sang all 12 songs from the alum, peppered in with hits from Waylon, Cash, Tammy, Loretta,  Buck, and Haggard.  Needless to say, it was a great night and I couldn't recommend her show enough.
    All in all, Sarah Gayle Meech is right: A heartache does make a damn good song!  I thank whoever had the nerve to break this girls heart and in return inspire all this amazing music.  Keep it up Sarah!  Everyone, go buy One Good Thing!!!  You won't regret it!!!!

Music Video for "Foolish", my favorite song from the album

"One Good Thing" live from Robert's Western World.  It's not the night I was there, but it's pretty similar to the night I saw.

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