Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jerrod Niemann "Only God Could Love You More" Single Review

     Jerrod Niemann has recently released his second single from Free The Music titled "Only God Could Love You More".  Jerrod has always had a knack for writing and singing songs that are very unique. From "Lover Lover" to "Shinin' On Me", Jerrod always stands out.  "Only God Could Love You More" continues that trend.

     The first time I heard this, it didn't click. I thought the sound was odd and almost messy feeling.  Now, after a few listens, I find that being the most charming thing about this song.  The chorus and verses run together, so its hard to determine where they start and end.  The musical production is scarce, just a piano and a backing drum machine of some sort (I'm not a production expert, feel free to correct me if this is wrong.).  The song doesn't really build or fade, it just kind of stays at the same level, which sounds boring but it really works. All of this leads to a song that really pops at radio.  In a world of songs that can be mixed and matched, this one stands all on its own.  That is tough to do, but Jerrod seems to do it with every single he releases.  The closest song I could compare it to over the last few years is actually from Jerrod as well, "What Do You Want From Me", or even a hint of "Stay" by Sugarland.  That's good company.

     Lyrically, this song is strong too.  Jerrod delivers a lot of emotion and pain in his voice, you believe every word he says.  Some of it draws close to cliche, but the simplistic lyrical approach adds to the simplistic musical approach.  Jerrod's voice sounds better than it ever has on this song, it is by far his best vocal performance to date.  Jerrod has shown us he has pipes in "Lover Lover" and "What Do You Want From Me", but he really takes it to the next level here. It's not a "big" song, but he still delivers the lines with poise and power. I'm impressed.

     The only "criticism" I can find is that this song isn't very "country".  If there is such a thing... It doesn't have a lot of fiddle, steel, acoustic guitar, twang, or anything along that sort.  It does, however, have the real life emotional touch that only country music can provide.  It's not sonically country, but it's emotionally country.  But, this song is also a risk.  It's different.  Country radio wants songs that are instant earworms.  This song is not that, it takes a few listens to break it down and really get into it. That is a rare thing anymore on the radio, but it's sorely missed.  When Blake Shelton talks about "evolution of country", this is a direction I can be ok with.  Maybe a song about trucks and beer have more twang, but this has the heart and the guts, and that is what country is truly about.  So, while I can see the point of those who say "this ain't country!!!", I politely think they have missed the point, and this is country music.

     Jerrod Neimann has delivered another solid hit in his young career.  He is building a great foundation, by putting out strong ballads with soul, and fun songs that still hold weight.  I'm a big fan.  Strongly recommended!!!!

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