Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Joey + Rory "Josephine" Single Review

     Husband and wife country duo Joey + Rory recently released their new single and video from their 2012 album His & Hers, "Josephine".  Joey + Rory have always kept it country and had some great songs in their career, even if they don't get played on the radio very often.  So, how's this new one???
     One word.  Greatness.  This is the best song they have put out yet, and they have had some good ones.  "Josephine" tells the story of a Civil War soldier writing home to his family about the struggles of war, and man is it a doozy.

     Lyrically, this song perfectly captures the emotion and perils of the Civil War. Right off the bat, Rory describes the sickness and struggles of life on the battlefield camps.  The harsh conditions killed as many men as the bullets did, and this is not lost on Joey + Rory. When he tells about how he misses his family, and you can feel the sincerity and desperation in the lyrics and the way he hangs on every word as he sings it.  The hope he speaks of when he says "we can win this war once and for all" shows the way soldiers clung to the idea that they could win against the odds, perhaps the only thing besides their family that kept them going.  When Rory sings about killing a Union soldier that "looked just like our son", the song really broke my heart.  These men didn't want to kill each other, they felt they had to.  If you can get through this without feeling something, you must not have a heart.  It's obvious they did their homework on this song.  It's not a generic war flag waving, chest beating anthem.  This is the dirty side of war (which is really the only actual side, if you think about it) that no one wants to sing about.  It's heartbreaking, accurate, and creative.  That's the recipe for a killer song.

     Musically, this song has a driving rhythm that keeps the pace moving.  This song isn't a droning story, its a fast paced thriller, much like the war it exemplifies.  Rory provides spot on vocals, with tenderness where he needs it, power where he needs it, and emotion drenched throughout.  Joey keeps it together with some awesome harmonies in the chorus, but this song is really Rory's to shine on.

     The music video is an excellent addition, providing a face to the names in the song.  This video follows the lyrics pretty closely, not a lot of straying around here.  This speaks to the strength of the lyrics.  The video can follow right with them and create a chilling and sad picture of Civil War life.  

      Country music is about telling stories.  Where better to get a story than real life?  This song was inspired by real life letters written by Confederate soldier John Wesley Robinson to his wife Josephine.  That's what country music is really about.  Bringing these stories that people lived through to life.  Joey + Rory have written a masterpiece that they should be proud of.  It won't get the praise it deserves on the radio and award shows, but it will here.  HIGHLY recommended!!!

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  1. I totally agree with this review. As a Confederate (only)reenactor, I can "feel" this man's sense of urgency, his sense of loneliness away from home, his sense of senseless killing at having to kill the 14 year olde federal invader.
    "If you can get through this without feeling something, you must not have a heart." I have to say, I more than "felt something", I shed a tear or two.
    A powerful song of family love and fully explains why the Southern man went to war in the first place - to protect/defend his home and hearth.