Monday, March 23, 2015

Kacey Musgraves "Biscuits" Single Review

     Kacey Musgraves has brought her unique style back to country radio again with her newest single, “Biscuits”. While much of her music has brought her critical appeal and awards, she has yet to have a big smash hit that eclipses the charts. Maybe country radio just isn’t quite ready for her unapologetic attitude and twangy arrangements. “Biscuits” fits firmly in line with the rest of her material, which in reality, is what makes and breaks this song.

     The absolute best thing about this song is that it is 100% positively country. There is no denying the plucky banjo and laid-back tempo. The song bounces along, never really building up or slowing down. The background vocals are loose and echo-y and give the whole track the feel of a campfire sing-along. This type of arrangement feels completely out of place on country radio, which is a darn shame. We need more songs that sound like this. 

      Lyrically is where my excitement for the song dies down a little. First of all, the pun of “mind your own biscuits” is clever enough and cute, but I feel it won’t age well. Secondly, I’m not sure I 100% agree with the advice. Sure, we absolutely should be more friendly and nice to our peers and enemies. However, sometimes you need to take a stand on things that are wrong or damaging. Being a carefree soul drifting through life with nothing but smiles and rainbows sounds great on paper, but it isn’t real life. Heck, if I minded my own biscuits, this site wouldn’t exist. Of course, I’m most likely just overthinking a simple song that isn’t meant to be an end all, be all. The biggest thing that gets me about this song though is that I’ve heard it before. Like 5 times, straight from Kacey. This is “Follow Your Arrow”, “The Trailer Song”, and “Merry Go Round” lumped together. I get it, Kacey, you don’t like society’s rules and norms. You want to be different and not face judgement for it. Nobody is arguing that you shouldn’t feel that way, but sing about something else, would ya? I say this out of respect for her immense talent. I am not knocking Kasey, I am a big fan. I’m fan enough to politely tell her that she is selling herself short singing about the same topic over and over. She proved on her album Same Trailer, Different Park with songs like “It Is What It Is”, “Silver Lining”, and “My House” that she can put out some serious songs with imagination and depth. For her radio singles though, she wants to play this role of the rebellious hippie who wants to change things. That’s a great role to fill, nobody in country music has that role right now, but I fear she may become type-casted if she doesn’t mix it up. Honestly, “Biscuits” would be a killer song if I hadn’t heard it from her before. That makes it just a good song to me.

      Kacey Musgraves is still gonna light the country would on fire as her star burns brighter and brighter. She is a firecracker of energy and spunk. She is certainly the shot in the arm that mainstream country needs. If she can find a way to fill her niche role, while still mixing things up, she will be the next big thing. If you liked her previous singles, “Biscuits” is right up your alley. If you liked her previous singles and wanted a little something new or different, “Biscuits” may underwhelm you a little bit. Either way, this is a solid song and very good for country music right now. Now, I’m going to go mix up some biscuits because this song has me hungry.

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