Monday, March 16, 2015

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors "Medicine" Album Review

      Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors are shining examples of why Nashville is called “Music City”. They hail from East Nashville and have become big time players in the music world, even if they don’t really fit in any conventional genre. They are a little rock, a little folk, a little country, but all good. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you need to check these guys out. If you are looking for an easy to listen to album that is accessible to everyone, their latest release Medicine is a must listen.

      Medicine is a 12 song trip through the many faces of American music. Sleepy and mellow in some parts, rocking and rowdy in others, Drew Holcomb proves that he has a well-rounded sound. The album gets off to a great start with “American Beauty” and never lets up. There really isn’t a bad track to be found. The tender songs like “Avalanche”, “You’ll Always Be My Girl”, and “Tightrope” are all about masterful lyrical songwriting that moves you with poignant reflections on life and love. “Shine Like Lightning” sounds like a song that could fit in on country radio. If I was a major star, this would be a song I’d be snagging for my next album. “I’ve Got You” is such a lighthearted and breezy love song that it features a whistle throughout the tune. “Sisters Brothers” brings some soul and energy to the album as a call to arms for like-minded individuals. “When It’s All Said And Done” closes the album with the same dignity and grace that “American Beauty” began it with.  "Here We Go" is a light-hearted ode to music that gives the album some variety.

     All in all, this album is a great album if you aren’t quite into the country scene, but have an appreciation for independent music with heart, soul, and emotion. The album covers many different eras and genres while never feeling out of place or jumpy. When people talk about mixing musical sounds and making organic music, this is what they should be talking about. It is the perfect album for cruising down the highway on a summer day. I would recommend getting the entire album rather than tracking it out, as it is a cohesive listening experience from beginning to end that must be heard in its entirety to be fully appreciated.

      Good music is good music. Some music just defies labels. Medicine is the type of album that anyone can get into and enjoy. This kind of ability to musically adapt is hard to come by, and the artists that can pull it off should be lauded for their skill. If you like independent rock, folksy blues, or alternative country music, get your hands on Medicine and give it a listen. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors have created a unique vibe that should work for just about everybody.

Standout Tracks: “Avalanche”, “American Beauty”, “Shine Like Lightning”, “I’ve Got You”, “”When It’s All Said And Done”, "Here We Go"

 "American Beauty"

"Here We Go"

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