Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunny Sweeney "Bad Girl Phase" Single Review

     Sunny Sweeney is back with her new single "Bad Girl Phase".  Sunny released one of the best mainstream albums in recent memory with her stellar Concrete.  The album produced the top 10 hit "From A Table Away" and had nothing but solid country gold from start to finish.  Sunny looked to be on the fast track to the top, but she since was cut from her label and faded off the public mind.  Thankfully, she is back and  with even more spunk than she ever showed before.

     "Bad Girl Phase" is your typical "good girl gone bad" song, complete with drinking, fooling around, and partying.  While the boys of country have turned this song into mindless chatter, Sunny comes at it the way these songs used to be done.  Sure, its a party song that isn't going to change lives or go down in history, but its not stupid either.  Somewhere along the line, the honkytonkers about losing love and drinking away your troubles quit having any story or heart, and just became a list of things they need to party.  In "Bad Girl Phase", Sunny has a story and some regret mixed in to the lyrics.  It's the perfect songs for the ladies to dance and have a good time to on a Saturday night without sacrificing their own intelligence.  Lines like "I'm just doing in the light what you want to do in the dark" show the cleverness behind the scenes.  Sunny is a masterful wordsmith, and it even shows in her fun songs.

     The song has a rocking guitar that sounds just twangy enough to sound country and just loud enough to be mainstream.  It careful walks that line, but never strays too far in any direction.  The chorus rises up and the music quiets down, so Sunny's voice is loud and commanding.  She always sings so well.   She has one of the most unique voices in country music.  She has this great skill of sounding sweet and innocent yet totally bad-ass at the same time.  Miranda Lambert does this as well, but I'd dare to say Sunny might even do it better.  It's a shame we don't get to hear more of her on the radio.

     Sunny Sweeney is one of my favorite artists out there right now.  If you like real country music, these are the kind of entertainers you need to get excited about.  Concrete was as solid of an album as you can get, and I'm looking forward to it's followup.  "Bad Girl Phase" is a fun little boot-stomper that proves you don't have to be dumb to have fun.  Welcome back Sunny, we've missed you.

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