Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jake London "Somewhere Down The Road" Single Review

     Jake London is a singer/songwriter from California by way of Oregon who is making his name heard.  His debut single "Somewhere Down The Road" has recently been released.  This folk/rock/Americana/Country mash up is hard to pin down, tough to categorize, but oh so easy to listen to.  This is a very good song no matter where your musical tastes lie.

     "Somewhere Down The Road" has a driving beat that immediately reminds you of something Mumford and Sons would cut.  The popularity of the driving folk-rock sound has been slowly spilling over to country for a while now, and this song is the pinnacle.  This song is so hard to classify.  The beat is very reminiscent of classic rock and roll, the melody and guitar sound like pure folk, and the lyrics and the strong presence of the steel guitar are solid country gold.  So what is it?  It's music.  Good music.  Nashville can brag all they want about how they "blend genres" and "evolve" with their pop country and hick-hop, but THIS is what they need to strive towards.  This song has across-the-board appeal and fits perfectly in so many musical circles.

      Lyrically, this song tells a intriguing tale of discontent with the life he is living, and a longing to travel down the road and see what there is to see and make a new life.  It's delightfully simple, but still meaningful at the same time.   Everyone can relate to that desire at one time or another.  Whether you actually act on it or just let the song be your escape, the message and mass appeal of this song is what made folk songs by guys like Bob Dylan and folk-country by Johnny Cash so popular in yesteryears.  Jake London is following right in their footsteps.  He has a unique voice that stands out and sounds gritty, yet sensitive at the same time.  He almost sounds like Phillip Phillips at times, and that's not a bad thing.  Jake has a little more maturity to his voice and sound, and this song is a perfect showcase for it.

     If "Somewhere Down The Road" is an apt preview of Jake's debut album, Runaway Hearts, than this could be one of the best albums of the year.  "Somewhere Down The Road" is the perfect meeting of country, rock, and folk to create a unique sound and infectious melody.  This song is a keeper.

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