Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Charlie Worsham "Could It Be" Single Review

      Newcomer Charlie Worsham has released his debut single "Could It Be" off his upcoming album Rubberband.  Charlie can hardly be called a newcomer, he has been an accomplished songwriter and musician for years.  Now, Charlie is making his own impact on the radio waves with this infectious and fun single.

     Right off the bat, this song bears a striking similarity to some country stars of the 1990's.  Charlie's voice is in a higher register that reminds you of Vince Gill or Marty Roe of Diamond Rio.  The last few years, we have been tainted by higher voices like Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts or Hunter Hayes singing pop country songs.  We seem to have forgotten how good the upper octave can sound on traditional country.  "Could It Be" is still a radio-friendly song, but it has a structure more reminiscent to the aforementioned 90's sound rather than today's arena-rock country.  The song is not over-produced or too loud, just simple and catchy.  The lyrics are not anything to really go crazy about, but they are not a weakness either.  It's a simple song about a one-night stand that doesn't necessarily impress, but doesn't offend either.

     My favorite part of the song is the hoo-hoo-hoo in the middle of the instrumental break.  The little exclamation reminds me of Bill Monroe yodeling some old bluegrass song.  That's what is so great about this song though.  It is very simple and laid back, but when comparing it to similar songs, you come up with Vince Gill, Bill Monroe, and Diamond Rio, not Bon Jovi and AC/DC like you do many other country artists of today.

     The point of a debut single is to introduce a new artist to the public to see what they are all about.  If Charlie Worsham is all about neo-traditional country music that is still radio friendly and popular, count me in as a fan.  Nice debut, Charlie, can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

"Could It Be" music video

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  1. I saw Charlie this past Friday in Salinas, Ca! I can say that I am a Fan now! Where Can I get his CD???