Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brad Paisley "I Can't Change The World" Single Review

     Brad Paisley has released the third single from his high profile Wheelhouse album.  This album has been loved and hated by many since it's release, containing controversial songs and touchy subject matters. The first single was solid, the second was a little dry.  How does the third single, "I Can't Change The World" hold up?

    When you hear this song on the radio, you'll instantly know its a typical Brad Paisley song.  This is both good and bad.  Good because Brad is one of the rare artists who can have a unique sound without overdoing it or being repetitive.  It's bad because Brad has some real gutsy stuff on his new album, and he took the safe typical route with this single.  It's not that it is a bad song, it isn't, but Wheelhouse has a lot more to offer than the last two singles. I don't feel listeners will get the vibe of the album based on the radio releases.

      That being said, I do like this song.  It has a soft acoustic feel to it that never gets too overdone or loud.  The subtle instrumentation is rare on country radio these days, but this song, along with "Like Jesus Does" by Eric Church and "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore have had success with quieter songs.  This is a nice change of pace from the loud, proud, in your face mantra of country's men today. Brad nails his high falsetto parts, as he always does. The perky little beat that picks up in the second verse is a nice touch, adding some umph to a slower paced song.  Overall, the instrumentation feels like a modern country song, which is sadly not the norm anymore, so this is a nice change of pace.

     The lyrics are a little light, but not offensive.  This isn't the type of song that will knock you off you chair and make you say wow, but every song doesn't have to be a world changer.  It contains some cute love story lines that are not bad, not great.  All in all it is a typical, inoffensive, happy love song.  I have no problems with these kinds of songs.  If I had to pick one singer or writer in Nashville to come up with a fresh take on the topic though, it's Brad.  He does a good job here of keeping the theme from becoming stale with clever lines like, "Let Jesus look down on this madness, let the powers that be fuss and fight.  Cause everyone needs to pick their battles, and me I realize, that I can't change the world, baby that's for sure. But if you let me girl, I can change yours."  As usual for Brad, it is a unique spin on an age old topic. 

     All in all, as I stated before, I like this song a lot, but it simply wouldn't have been my choice for the next single.  Maybe something a little edgier like "Karate" or unique like "Harvey Bodine".  That being said, that doesn't take away that this will be one of the more enjoyable songs on the radio, if they play it.  I think they will and Brad will have another big ol hit for his impressive resume.

"I Can't Change The World" lyric video

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