Monday, May 16, 2016

Tim McGraw "Humble And Kind" Single Review

     Tim McGraw has taken an unlikely role as the go-to guy for real country on the radio. During the mid 2000’s, he was one of the ones to draw the ire of most traditional fans. When he released “Truck Yeah”, he was squarely in the crossfires. However, after a string of strong singles, Tim has been quite the torch bearer for music of substance. His latest single, “Humble And Kind”, is no different. Once again Tim has released a great single to radio and had it perform well.

     “Humble And Kind” is a good old fashioned advice song. Lyrically, it is a very appropriate song for an older star with kids to be singing. The entire song is full of sound advice that any parent should want their kid to follow. These days we could use some more people who were humble and kind. Is the song a little cheesy at points? Sure. It would probably be a little better if it had more of a story and wasn’t so Disney-esque, but in the current country climate, this is needed. We can always nitpick any song to death. Let’s just appreciate the fact that this is a well written song with substance on country radio. That is a win in my book.

     Musically the song has a sing-song melody that plays out like a lullaby throughout the chorus. It doesn’t really have a hardcore country sound; it’s more adult contemporary. However, as stated in the analysis of the lyrics, this is still a major win. This song has a simple and understated backing track that never overpowers the song. It lets the lyrics do the talking and doesn’t sound just like everything else. Once again, that is a win in my book.

     “Humble And Kind” isn’t one of the greatest country songs of all time. But it is a good song. A very good song. And we live in an era where good songs just don’t get played very often. There has been a slight uptick in quality on the radio and this song is a prime example of that. “Humble And Kind” is yet another step in the right direction for mainstream country music and another solid release from Tim McGraw.

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