Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Band Perry "Live Forever" Single Review

     The Band Perry has been a pretty decent bright spot in the country music world the past few years.  Songs like "Better Dig Two" and "All My Life" were unique and fresh.  "Gentle On My Mind" was a great cover of a classic and a gutsy single release.  Of course, "If I Die Young" is a modern classic, one of the last truly great songs to be released to radio before the onslaught of crap took over.  Throw that out the window.  The Band Perry took any shred of credibility they had and chucked it out the window in favor of a generic pop train wreck.  "Live Forever" is pathetic, worthless, soul crushing garbage that qualifies as audio torture.

     Does the word "country" mean anything to anyone anymore?  Songs like this sincerely make me want to just pack up this site, close it down, and give up.  Country music is dead.  It survived countless crossover acts and sell-outs, but these three baby-faced posers killed it, with Sam Hunt and Florida-Georgia Line listed as accomplices.  Of course, then, I hear a new Whitey Morgan, Turnpike Troubadours, or Lindi Ortega song and I feel fresh and ready to go again.  So, don't worry kids, this site is going anywhere, but this "Live Forever" bullcrap is exhausting.  If anybody can give one single reason why this song should be classified as country, I will personally deliver a check for $500 to you. And don't say "because its on country radio".  What precisely makes this song country?  I need a detailed explanation.  (If you say "evolution of the genre", I will personally deliver a swift haymaker to your jaw for being a dense trend chaser.)  So, who can answer?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  You can't do it--because there is NO reason this song should be on country radio.  It is electronic drum beats set to loud, overproduced chants and inane lyrics that only sound logical to college freshman smoking weed and getting STDs on their parents' dime.  "Live Forever" is a stark contrast to "If I Die Young" both in content and style.  "If I Die Young" was subdued, poignant, and reflective of a short life.  It discussed the frailty of life and the sorrow that it can bring.  "Live Forever" is loud, in your face, and obnoxious.  It trivializes life into a never ending system of parties and celebrations that will ultimately live an individual feeling empty.  It has no sorrow or frankness to it, as it is simply a caricature of life and not real.

      "But, But... I just want music to cheer me up.  This makes me want to dance!  It doesn't have to be serious all the time!" You're right.  It doesn't have to be serious all the time.  But it needs to be serious some of the time.  In 2015, mainstream country music is never serious.  It also never makes sense.  The lyrics to "Live Forever" would end up resulting in much more sadness than any heartbreaking old country song ever would.  Nobody who lives that party-hearty lifestyle is truly happy with themselves.  If they say they are, they are lying.  Happiness comes from faith, family, love, and accomplishment.  It doesn't come from shaking your ass at a club to a strobe light and hip-hop beat, getting wasted night after night, and sleeping with strangers.  I know, these lyrics don't actually promote these things, but the lifestyle they are championing in this song and other modern country songs is certainly affiliated with those things.  Humbleness and subtlety have no place in that world.

     Judging all of mainstream country music in 2015 from one song is a little strong, but this song is very representative of the genre right now.  All style, no substance.  Of course, that style isn't even a country style; it's pure pop.  This song is bad pop.  This song is pathetic country.  This song is terrible music in general.  If there is any justice in the world for fans of real country music, "Live Forever" will not live up to its name, and will die a quick, merciful death at radio.  When a group shows true potential to be great, songs like this sting even worse.  The Band Perry has flirted with greatness, but are choosing to sell out instead.  I hope they see the error of their ways, but until then, they are gone to me.

I'm not putting the video on my site, partially because I don't want to promote their pandering train wreck of a song, and partially because I don't want to have a seizure from the trippy excuse of a video.  Instead, enjoy "Live Forever" by Billy Joe Shaver.  A much better alternative.  Keep it country, kids!

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