Friday, April 10, 2015

Cody Jinks "Adobe Sessions" Album Review

     In 2015, we’ve had some great albums. We’ve seen some neo-traditional albums, some bluegrass, some folk, some southern rock, and even some decent mainstream country. What we have not seen is that old school, outlaw country sound. Well, it’s here. Cody Jinks brings his Texas sound to the world with his latest album, Adobe Sessions. If you miss country music with some rough edges and meat on its bones, this is the album for you.

     Adobe Sessions is the fourth studio album from Cody Jinks. Although I recently discovered him, I did a rewind through his back catalog to see what I’ve been missing. This guy is solid country music through and through. While I would recommend checking all his stuff out, Adobe Sessions is his most complete record to date. There is a little bit of something for everyone here (provided the “everyone” in question are fans of actual country music). There are humorous moments, badass moments, and poignant moments. Songs like “What Else Is New” and “Cast No Stones” are simple shoutouts to the blue collar way of life that Jinks sings about. He gets romantic on “We’re Gonna Dance”. Not only is the song as well written of a love song as you will hear, the arrangement is spectacular. Truly a modern country classic.

     Jinks shows off his songwriting chops on a trio of songs that are some of the best I’ve heard in recent memory. “Birds” is a song about enjoying life with a discussion with what appears to be his father. It is a piece of pure poetry that proves Jinks is just some redneck slinging guitars, he has something to say. “David” is a riveting tale of two friends who take very different paths in life, one a police officer and one a convict, and the tragic results of their lives. It is classic storytelling. “Rock And Roll” tells of the struggles that come with the honkytonk, road-bound lifestyle. Anybody in the music industry, or anyone who travels for a living, can relate to the feelings of loneliness and emptiness. These three songs are enough to make the album worth the cost, the rest are just added bonuses.

     Cody Jinks represents everything that is good about country music. His sound is reminiscent of our renegade heroes, his lyrics are both approachable and comprehensive, and he has a voice that cuts through the noise to make you stop and listen. What more could you ask for? Adobe Sessions is one of the best albums of the year, and a great representation of country music at its finest.

Standout Tracks: "Birds", "David", "Rock And Roll", "We're Gonna Dance", "Cast No Stones", "What Else Is New"

"Cast No Stones"

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