Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kip Moore "I'm To Blame" Single Review

      Kip Moore may have broken onto the scene with one of the worst bro-country anthems on record, “Somethin’ Bout A Truck”, but he has proven to have a little something more than your average frat-boy country star. Songs like “Mary Was The Marrying Kind” and “Hey Pretty Girl” were solid efforts that showed off his artistic merit. Now, Kip is back with his latest single, “I’m To Blame”. In another solid outing, Kip is making sure we don’t judge our country artists by one hit, because he has a lot to offer.

      “I’m To Blame” is a little bit of a turn in the opposite direction of most feel-good songs. In this song, Kip points the figure squarely in the mirror when looking for a scapegoat for his shortcomings. It’s a refreshing concept, actually taking responsibility for your actions, rather than shrugging it off. The song was written by Moore with Justin Weaver and Westin Davis. The attitude of the song comes off as very Eric Church-like, with a some bad boy feistiness mixed it with humility. It can come across as a list more than as a story, but it is still a pretty solidly written song nonetheless.

      “I’m To Blame” has an interesting production that makes it stand out on the radio. It has a prominent electric guitar backing, but it also has an equally as prominent banjo riff and a dramatic mid-tempo beat. It certainly doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio right now, but it still sounds like a country song that is flirting with the edge of rock & roll. That’s a good thing. The song also has a very catchy melody that is easy to get into. It actually gives me flashbacks to Montgomery Gentry’s “Long Line of Losers” from a few years back, which was also a very catchy song. There really is a lot to like here.

      Kip Moore is certainly making a name for himself in my book. While he is struggling a little on radio, he is not caving in and releasing crap. I think he actually may be a mainstream guy who has some real artistic value pumping through his veins. If he continues down the “I’m To Blame” road and away from the “Somethin’’ Bout A Truck” road, he is going to really impress a lot of people. Check out “I’m To Blame”, it’s one of the better singles released to radio in 2015.

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