Friday, December 12, 2014

Shooter Jennings "Nashville From Afar" Single Review

     “Shooter Jennings isn’t a fan of the Nashville system” would be a strong contender for most obvious headline of the year. Shooter has made no secret of his disdain for the mainstream country scene that his legendary father once called home. He’s recorded anti-establishment songs like “Solid Country Gold “and “Outlaw You” , and has been a constant reminder of the crooked and devious ways of the suits in Music City. Shooter is at it again with his new single “Nashville From Afar”. I’m sure the song won’t get much attention outside of the underground world; this is a song the rest of country music needs to hear. Shooter tells it like it is and makes a strong case against the powers that be.

      Lyrically, the song doesn’t hold anything back, which is a blessing and a curse. It sure is great to hear Shooter straight up call out the establishment, but he does so in such a crass manner that it won’t be suitable for the masses. That isn’t a criticism, it’s an observation. I’m a grown up, and have no problem with another grown man saying things exactly how he wants to say them. That’s essentially what we all want, right? However, I just hope it’s understood that a song that drops a few g-d’s and makes crude sexual comparisons to Nashville’s cronies, however accurate they may be, will not be a big mainstream hit, therefore the audience is automatically lowered. But, if Shooter is cool with that, I’m cool with that. With all that being said, he really does a good job of getting angry and venomous lyrics out in a happy and upbeat sounding song. The song is fiddle driven and has a western swing-like approach. He shouts out Guy Clark, The Grand Ole Opry, Eddie Stubbs, and Ernest Tubb’s while managing to criticize the way that the city and the machine treats its stars in the same breathe. Shooter’s disgust can be our rallying cry, as many others share in his views, and it makes an introduction to the movement that many fans like me are supporting.

      While you won’t hear “Nashville From Afar” on your radio, you need to hear it. Check out Sirius Outlaw Country or Shooter’s website and listen to this song. It will pump you up to fight back against the man, while making you tap your toes and sing-along at the same time. Shooter Jennings has a knack for stirring up emotions in a song and inspiring a counter-revolution. Like father, like son.

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