Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blake Shelton Needs To Grow Up

     When I was just a young child, my mother gave me advice about bullies. She told me to ignore them, and they would leave me alone. As a child, I thought that was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard. As an adult I've realized that, like usual, mama was right. Apparently Blake Shelton never listened to this age old piece of advice. I’m not the biggest Blake Shelton fan, but I've gone out of my way to defend him on this site a few times. I thought the “old farts and jackasses” comment was incredibly dumb, but the reactions were overly harsh. I gave “Neon Light” a solid review. But, as Blake’s fame rises, his intellect seems to shrink. I can’t believe I’m saying these words, but Blake needs to be more like Luke Bryan. Shut up, make your music, and do your thing. By constantly defending himself and egging on the naysayers, Blake Shelton is causing drama and unrest where it is unnecessary, and hurting other people in the process. It is time for Blake Shelton to grow up.

      Last night, after Twitter user @claysynder6795 tweeted out harsh, but justified criticism of “Boys Round Here”, Blake Shelton flipped out. The most ridiculous part of it all was that @claysynder6795 wasn't stating how Blake didn't compare to George Jones or Merle Haggard; he was comparing Blake to… Blake. He merely stated that Blake used to put out some serious quality songs like “Austin”, but now has sold out to make money off of “Boys Round Here” (Which he admitted. He called his label after recording the song and bragged “I just made us a lot of money.”). Blake posted several rude and explicit tweets out, and caused every Blake Shelton tweener in the country to send their vitriol towards @claysynder6795. Look, Blake knew he was going to upset traditionalists with his last album. So why does he act so surprised and defensive when it doesn't go his way? Blake clearly has either self-confidence deficiencies, or such an inflated ego, that he cannot tolerate difference of opinion. In a recent Rolling Stone article, Jake Owen called out himself, saying that he wants to make music with more substance, and that he made a good living off of beach party songs. Quit playing dumb, Blake. You made the pop crap to make some dough. We get it. It happens. You gotta eat too. That isn't an opinion, its fact. So, you can admit it like Jake and move on, just keep your mouth shut like Luke Bryan and do your thing and cash your checks, or you can take it personal and whine on Twitter and sic your rabid teenage fans on anyone who disagrees with you. Some of the comments that @claysynder6795 received were downright disturbing. Most of them were harmless, written with the angry voice and shaky grammar of a pissed off 12 year old, but all it takes is one of those crazed girls to take it too seriously and hurt someone that Blake called out. It would be the fan’s responsibility, but Blake’s hands wouldn't be clean in the matter, for he eggs them on and encourages their ignorant banter.  To his credit, @claysnynder6795 handled the situation well, stood his ground, and possibly turned a few new fans on to Chris Knight and George Jones if they followed his advice.

     This isn't the first time this has happened. Blake went on a Twitter rampage on Farce The Music as well. Farce The Music is an excellent comedy website that, quite honestly, goes after every one. Are Blake, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, and (hilariously) Gary LeVox the brunt of his jokes more often than not? Of course. But I've seen Jason Isbell, Shooter Jennings, Conway Twitty, and David Allan Coe ripped to shreds on the site as well. It's parody at its finest. Blake, however, can’t take a joke at his own expense (unless it comes from his creepy bromance with Adam Levine) and relentlessly attacked him on Twitter, and once again sent his goon squad of hormonal fans to finish him off.

     I can’t believe I’m saying this, but props to you, Luke Bryan. I don’t see Luke out there taking shots at fans who disagree with his music, casually comparing himself to legends while making fun of people who enjoy the legends (seriously), and trying to pass off his latest crap as some epic evolution or movement. Luke gets on stage, promptly falls off, gets back up, shakes his butt for the 11 year olds and their mothers, cashes that giant check, and goes home to drunkenly drive his truck into lakes. No drama, no entitlement issues. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean can’t stop defending themselves, taking themselves way too seriously, and stirring the pot with their often misconstrued statements.

     Miranda Lambert has put out some stinkers over the years that were clearly pop-country money grabs. “Fastest Girl In Town”? “Somethin’ Bad”? Why doesn't she get hatred and criticism like Blake? Because she balances her pop country with substance and tradition (which is all we really ask), respects the elders of the genre, and keeps her mouth shut when people disagree with her. She takes the high road. Blake could have it all. He has a good ear for songs (usually), a killer voice, and he is charming when he wants to be. I've defended him in the past, but Blake seriously needs to get his head out of his ass and grow up. You wanted to be a leader of country music, Blake. So act like it. Call George Strait and Alan Jackson and see how they dealt with diversity. Call Ricky Skaggs. Call Garth for crying out loud. If you want to be our leader and ambassador to the pop world, it’s time to man up and apologize for some of your actions and be the leader you could be. I don’t know if Blake will ever read this or if he even cares. I’m sure he will just blast me for daring to disagree with him as well. But, maybe, he can read this and a little grown-up voice in his head will tell him to be a man and quit employing a middle-school mentality to adult issues. It’s time to grow up, Blake.

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