Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Top 10: Eric Church

In a new feature on Keep It Country Kids, we will countdown the top 10 songs from different artists.  We will range from the big headliners of today, to legends of yesteryear, to the under-the-radar artists who have been making great music over the years.  Today, we start with one of country's biggest stars: Eric Church.  With The Outsiders selling so well and "Give Me Back My Hometown" climbing the charts, it seems like the perfect artist to kick off our series right now.  Without further ado, here are the top 10 Eric Church songs.

10. Give Me Back My Hometown- The second single from The Outsiders features very little percussion and a flowing banjo rhythm.  This song has the feel of Mumford and Sons with the attitude of Eric Church.

9. Homeboy- The lead single from Chief,  "Homeboy" introduced us to the heavy production Eric has now made popular.  This song has fantastic storytelling and engaging characters.  What more could you ask for?

8.  Over When It's Over- This song was never officially released as a single, but it still is one of Eric's best.  The song has a really unique melody that rises and falls much like the relationship described in the song.  The lyrics are deep and heartfelt, and Joanna Cotten provides some killer harmony.

7. Dark Side- This song from The Outsiders has the potential to be one of Eric's biggest songs yet.  The tale of a man torn between two lives seems to really hit home for Eric.  I'm sure a lot of truth went into this song, which is always a good thing.

6. Like Jesus Does- Eric may come off as a rough and tumble guy, but his tender side is really where he shines. This sweet song evokes many feelings of love and admiration from Eric. He delivered one of the more memorable award show performances in recent years when he performed this at the ACMs in 2013.

5. Creepin'- Chief was a landmark album for Eric, ushering in the big sound and well developed lyrics that he is now known for.  "Creepin'" was the opening track to that album.  An album as big as Chief needs a big opener, and with its swampy, dirty sound and tormented lyrics, "Creepin'" was more than up to the task.

4. Springsteen- Eric Church's mainstream coming out party.  While he had pretty good success over the years, "Springsteen" was the song that launched Eric into mainstream superstardom.  This song of reminiscing on a love from the past is relatable to anyone, which is probably why it performed so well on the charts.  Throw in a catchy melody and you've got a huge smash hit.

3. Sinners Like Me-  A touching and personal ballad from Eric's first album, this song introduced us to just who Eric Church was.  He managed to create a vivid picture of where he came from and where he was going.  When you start out, you have to let people know who you are and why you are different.  Eric poured out his soul and gave everyone a reason to care.

2.  These Boots- Dropping a line about cowboy boots has become cliche in country music, but here Eric tells a sad story of regret and lessons learned with his boots as the main character.   The song has become a staple of Eric's live show, as fans hold up their boots in the air as he sings.  Every boot has a different story.  Its a cool moment at an Eric Church show.

1.  Lightning- This gut-wrenching tale is songwriting at its very finest.  Eric tells the story of the last minutes of a man on death row's life.  All of the mans thoughts and emotions are explored as he relives his crime and looks his daughter and his victim's mother in the eye as he gets in the electric chair.  Had it gotten better exposure, this could have been a defining song of our era.  It has to be listened to to be fully appreciated, so give it a listen and take an emotional ride.

If you feel a song was too high or one was grossly ignored, tell me in the comments section! Until then, Keep It Country Kids!!!!


  1. I seriously cannot get enough of this guy. I might say he's my favorite.

    1. Me too... There's a lot of guys that aren't as popular or in the public eye I might say that I may like better, but as far as mainstream guys go he is certainly my favorite.