Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Matt Woods "Deadman's Blues" Single Review

     Matt Woods is a talented singer-songwriter making his name known on the underground country circuit.  The key to making the jump from nobody to big star isn't too complicated in this world.  Its all about the song.  Matt Woods has had some good ones, but "Deadman's Blues" is an absolute masterpiece that knocks you back when you hear it.

      "Deadman's Blues" tells the story of the down on his luck country singer out on the road.  As he travels and tries to make a name, he slowly sees himself becoming the opposite of what he wants to be.  The life of a struggling singer takes its toll on many.  Matt watches his marriage deteriorate as rapidly as his dreams as he spends days and nights away from home, trying to make a name for himself.  The lyrics are as hard hitting as any country song you will hear, if not more.  There are no punches pulled, nothing held back.  This song smacks you right in the mouth as Matt pours out his heartbroken soul to anyone who will listen.  We need more songs like this.

     Musically, the production is perfection.  The steel guitar leads the melody and creates an atmosphere of despair throughout the whole tune.  The solo and intro actually put me in mind of a slowed down, softer "Shameless", but with way more soul.  Matt's gritty voice gets soft in all the right spots and raises loud and powerful when needed to drive it home.  The last chorus features Matt going A Capella as the music fades out, and it really drives home the sadness and brokenheartedness of this song.

       "Deadman's Blues" is a fantastic piece of artwork.  When you pair it up with the killer video, you have one tear jerking moment.  This is what country music is supposed to do.  It makes you feel something.  Some of today's big stars should really look into covering this to add some serious country cred to their pitiful resumes, particularly if they have experienced martial issues as a result of their career (lookin at you Aldean).  "Deadman's Blues" is an instant contender for song of the year.  If you want to see what country music is supposed to sound like, go check out Matt Wood's "Deadman's Blues".  You won't be disappointed.

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