Friday, November 1, 2013

Kellie Pickler "Little Bit Gypsy" Single Review

     Kellie Pickler recently released her second single from her highly anticipated The Woman I Am album.  This album is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed, traditional leaning 100 Proof.  Kellie won the Keep It Country Kids Album of The Year for 2012 and wowed critics all over with her new sound and approach.  Kellie released "Someone Somewhere Tonight" as the lead single, fresh off her Dancing with The Stars win, and now she is back at it again with "Little Bit Gypsy".

     While the critics have showered Kellie with praise lately, radio hasn't been so kind.  Despite being a beautiful and heartfelt ballad, "Someone Somewhere Tonight" didn't fare too well.  The video, however, was a favorite on the CMT and GAC countdowns, so fans obviously liked it.  "Little Bit Gypsy" seems to be Kellie's attempt to mix her traditional "Kellie Country", as she calls it, with mainstream radio to keep her relevant on the charts and in the minds of listeners.  I'd say she does a fantastic job.  "Little Bit Gypsy" has the feel-good rocking along sound that the radio listeners are eating up right now, but stays decidedly country.  It's getting harder and harder to mix those two elements, but today's country women are certainly getting it done.  Kellie joins Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves as artists who have released straight up country to the radio this year and experienced at least marginal success.

      "Little Bit Gypsy" is the perfect windows down, highway driving song for the fan who likes still wants a little depth from their feel good songs.  You can have fun, easy listening music that isn't mind-numblingly  dumb and cliche. Amazing concept, isn't it?  Kellie pulls it off here masterfully.  The guitars have enough rock edge to make you nod your head, but enough twang to keep your boots tapping as well.  The lyrics are straightforward and simple, but still interesting.  Kellie tells of her traveling life on the road and avoids overused cliches and silly lines.  And, as always, she sounds great.  The song is a pretty easy sing, it doesn't have a lot of big runs or huge notes, but that's just fine.  Songs like that need a singer to bring the energy to keep them interesting and keep you hanging, and she does effortlessly.  

     If "Someone Somewhere Tonight" and "Little Bit Gypsy" are ample previews of The Woman I Am, and maybe mix in some of the elements of 100 Proof to match, then Kellie Pickler could be looking at back to back Album of the Year wins from this site.  2013 continues to be a banner year for the ladies of country, even if radio success hasn't followed.  Kellie has another solid release in "Little Bit Gypsy", and I can't wait till next week to get my hands on The Woman I Am!

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