Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Radio 5-Spot

     A new feature here on Keep It Country Kids is the Random Radio 5-Spot.  In this feature, I will select a local country station and listen to the first 5 songs that come on.  Regardless of relevance or impact, I will do a quick review of those 5 songs.  It could be the 5 newest hits, could be during the classic hour, could be anything in between! Enjoy!

Song 1: Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer- Billy Currington

     There isn't really much to say about this song.  It's funny the first time, but the joke can wear thin over time.  It certainly has a very country sound, with fiddle, steel, and twangy harmony.  Billy seems to have a thing for songs that don't require a whole lot of singing (not that that is a bad thing), but it is noticeable.  "People Are Crazy" and this song seem similar.  Overall, it isn't a brain exerciser, a classic, or even really memorable, but it isn't bad either.  It is what it is, what more can I say?

Song 2 "Lovin' You Is Fun" - Easton Corbin

     I love this guy.  He sounds like the second coming of George Strait.  Easton delivers easy, fun, radio ready traditional country in his sleep.  He is on my radar as a soon-to-be big star.  This song is lighthearted, catchy, and country.  It's hard to find songs like this on the radio anymore.  As stated before, this could be a George Strait cut any day.  Easton has a bright future, count me as a big fan.

     Song 3 "Take A Back Road" -Rodney Atkins

     Blah.  This song isn't bad, but it isn't good.  I've heard songs like it a thousand times before, so I'm just a little tired of the concept.  Rodney is a likable guy, and some of his songs aren't bad, but this just blends in completely.  Furthermore, he may be talking about listening to a George Strait release from 1982, but I always think of the song "1982" and its Randy Travis, NOT George Strait.  Drives me crazy.  I could be wrong, but that always irks me.  This song gets a big meh.

     Song 4 "Be Grateful" -The Farm

     This is the first time I have heard this song.  First glance isn't bad.  I think the tune is a little forgettable, the lyrics can be borderline cheesy, but the message is solid.  Who out there couldn't be a little more grateful for the things they have?  I can see this being a Top 10 hit, but it isn't a world changer.  I think The Farm is a decent enough band, I know they have some talented people in the group.  This song gets a point for the message, loses a point for the mediocre sound.

     Song 5 "All My Friends Say" -Luke Bryan

     Ahhhh, Lukey Luke, my favorite gyrating country pretty boy.  Look, this song isn't that bad.  It's a fun little radio number, and it sounds pretty country.  I used to think Luke Bryan had serious potential.  I still do. He has killer pipes, and even with his new found fame, his music is still sonically country, even if the lyrics are dribble.  I think when the fad of him air humping in front of wide eyed teenage girls wears off, he will go back to putting out substance.  This song is not a world changer, but it's much more tolerable than the douchey persona he puts forth now.  Come back old Luke, I'll forgive you if you promise never to pelvic thrust again. I swear.

So, there you have it, the first Random Radio 5-Spot.  This is trial and error, so let me know what you think, maybe I will do this again in the future!!!

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